Welcome to Yin Yoga Hamilton.  In these photos I share Yin Yoga postures enhanced with a mini weighted blanket from Lovemymat Hamilton.  Weighted blankets are popular because they have the ability to help relieve stress and deepen rest.   I was able to work with Lovemymat Hamilton and together we came up with a design for a small weighted blanket that compliments my Yin Yoga classes.

Curling up with a cozy blanket can feel like receiving a big hug from someone your love.  Adding weight can actually be more comforting and beneficial to your health.

Weight can help you to pause and find stillness in your Yin Yoga Hamilton class.  We pause by simply arriving, an activity that is accomplished exactly as it sounds- you show up and stop for a bit.  This pause allows us to take a break, on purpose.  We pause in our Yin Yoga Hamilton class to be with ourselves, right here, right now however we are showing up.  This (feeling experience) is complimented with the weight of the mini blanket, because it aids in connecting you to the earth.  Feeling grounded or connected means you are present in your body, present in the moment and is one of the tools we use to release tension in our bodies and in our minds.

Try these Yin Yoga postures at home, or join me for Yin Yoga Hamilton, in Hannahsroomyoga.