2610, 2023

Collingwood Retreat June 7-9,2024

I am excited to announce Our Collingwood Retreat 2024 With space for 13 Breathe We will over the weekend practice several breathing techniques- all designed to invite connection and calm into your daily routine. Please remind me of allergies or [...]

1210, 2023

A Regular Dedicated Practice

I don't pretend to know about each individual yoga students' preferences or goals. However, yoga students typically have a variety of reasons for practicing yoga, and their goals and expectations can vary widely. Here are some common things yoga students [...]

2108, 2023

The Benefits of a Regular Dedicated Practice

What does it truly take to create long-lasting habits you feel eager to show up for? Everyone has different motivations for arriving to their fitness routine and reasons why they’re putting in the time and effort. Whether you’re looking to [...]

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