How to have a mindful coffee

Today as you begin the week, bring awareness to what you are directly experiencing via your senses, your mind or your thoughts and emotions.

As you sit down to enjoy your first cup of coffee select a favorite mug, I collect mugs from places I have travelled.   Spend a moment and reflect back to where the mug came from and enjoy the memories that are associated with it.

Loading the machine, notice the country the coffee originated in as you press the button to fill your cup.  As you close your eyes, allow your nose to breathe in the aroma of fresh coffee.  Pay attention to what comes up as your nostrils take in the smell.

Notice the warmth, the rising steam as the cup fills.

Allow the heat of the mug to warm your hands and sit down with your coffee in a comfortable place.

Introduce the coffee to your mouth and savor the flavor, the texture, the aroma.  Can you use one word to describe it?

What comes to your mind as you prepare to take your first drink?

As you prepare to swallow, feel the warmth of the liquid in your mouth.

Enjoy each sip, and if thoughts or distractions arise gently re-focus on the experience of drinking, letting them go as you stay in the present moment.

Enjoy the calm, invite present moment awareness for all things you do.

Adding mindfulness into your day is a subtle yet profound shift.

It begins with a few moments of awareness that will carry forwards into your day.