Are you searching for personal training in Hamilton? A Yoga Studio in Hamilton?  Mindfulness and meditation in Hamilton?  Welcome to Hannahsroomyoga.  I am a personal trainer, mindfulness educator and yoga instructor.  Hannahsroomyoga is a small studio situated atop an old farmhouse in Hamilton, Ontario.  I offer private sessions and scheduled yoga classes in Hamilton on Wednesday evenings and Thursday mornings.  To register please email me at

Private personal training sessions are built around your specific goals or Intention for the time we spend together.  From our conversation and assessment, together we will develop and plan your workout. I introduce you to mobility, joint strengthening and body control and educate you on core stability, breathing and proper technique.

Yoga Classes begin with breathing and a mindfulness practice.  Classes and Private sessions focus on Functional Movement.  Movement and postures that teaches you to feel something in a specific target area.  If the initial or starting shape does not invite sensation or feeling, perhaps a different shape will.  I encourage you to feel moderate sensation in the target area.  This keeps the practice safe and invites present moment awareness because you are constantly checking in and asking yourself questions.

What do I feel?  Where do I feel?  Do I feel moderate sensation in the target area or am I experiencing something painful?

We never want to experience pain, sharpness, numbness, or tingling.

Teaching functional yoga does not include the shape or aesthetics of a pose, meaning there is never one way to look in a pose.  Your expression of the pose is unique to you, just like your DNA and your fingerprint.  I teach functionally because there are many different ways to look in a pose, when you focus on what you feel in the pose.  Feeling also helps you to pay Attention, Check in, Connect with yourself and develop your Deep Listening Skills.  These skills are tools for your tool belt on your mat, and off your mat.  Developing your skills takes a regular dedicated practice and enhances mindfulness.

Hamilton Restorative Yoga is a healing restful practice that uses studio props to encourage deep relaxation and meditation.  Supported  postures are held for long durations giving the body the opportunity to activate the parasympathetic nervous system and restore balance.

Yin Yoga connects your mind with the physical sensations of your body in our Hamilton Yin Yoga Classes.  Yin targets the deep connective tissues and the fascia in longer held postures.  Benefits include increased energy flow and balance within the body and an invitation to practice mindfulness.

Classes and private sessions can help you reduce stress, increase concentration and enhance mind body awareness. Transform the way you view your relationship with yourself and exercise and visit Hannahsroomyoga.