What exactly is a retreat.  Specifically what is a Yoga retreat? I have had several comments, emails from this past weekends shares asking this specific question.
Hannahsroomyoga guides a retreat in Collingwood annually. It is a specialized getaway that combines the elements of relaxation, self-discovery, and well being: physical and non-physical, spiritual, and emotional well being through the practice of yoga.

As a certified Mobility Specialist, a Functional Range Conditioning certification, I blend some of the old with the new.  I weave in yoga, personal training and mobility and I explain what each mean.  I like to think I bridge the gap between yoga and mobility.  We also practiced Yoga Nidra, Yinyoga and Restorative Yoga.

This past weekend  was a place to unwind and grow on a deeper level.  We practiced moving, and deep listening.  Deep listening is the practice of learning connection.  Connection to your senses, to your body, to your nervous system, to community and to yourself.  It is practice because in our world today we are continually drawn away from ourselves, from the practice of connecting with ourselves, from doing less and feeling more. 

Our group spent a day at a Spa expericencing hot and cold therapy for the body in silence at the Spa at Blue Mountain.  We broke bread together nourishing our bodies with whole foods, make with TLC by me.  Nothing processed, vegetarian, gluten free, all made from scratch.   The fuel we give our bodies determines how well they perform and reset when we sleep.  I am an advocate of whole foods and trying new things.  The weekend does not include meat, however many foods that are plant, and nut or legume based offer similar macronutrient makeup.  No one left our table hungry.

Benefits are never ending:

Disconnecting from a TV, connection, nourishment for mind, body and soul, positive energy, new perspective, new friendships, reflection and self-enquiry and personal evaluation and growth.

Looking for a new experience?  Join our community in Copetown Ontario for a group class or contact me for a private 1:1 session.  Together we can map out a plan that meets your needs and move well as we age.

Contact me via email

hannahsroomyoga@gmail.com or via FB or IG.

many thanks