The longer held poses in a Yin Yoga class may well be the secret ingredient in this practice.  Yin benefits the body physiologically, holding the stress of the pose for a longer time, allowing the tissues to change shape and reform becoming stronger, thicker, and longer.  (think a broken bone that heals).  Finding your  Goldilocks position, your edge, targets our energetic energy, as we stimulate meridian lines in the body that allow messages and communication between organs and systems in the body.  Finding stillness, one of the Tattvas, allows us to benefit mentally and emotionally all the while listening, paying Attention, noticing how the body feels and developing mindfulness.  Mindfulness focuses on acceptance of the experience.  Mindfulness asks what am I experiencing now.  Mindfulness allows you to feel with spacious awareness.  I invite you to use the pose to get into the body.