Looking back on my life, becoming a new mom was when I realized  my life had almost no balance.  I always felt stretched like a thick elastic band ready to snap in half.  I accepted no responsibility for my behaviour. This presented as never really agreeing with too many topics and always the need to be in control.  I was stuck in a rut of not thinking for myself and too concerned with pleasing others.  Without my own happiness and sense of purpose I rarely made others happy.   Luckily my family was very patient with me.

  Balance brings peace and  fulfillment.  These were dreams to me and seemed unobtainable.  Physical, emotional and spiritual balance.  Balancing my life and creating time for the things I have to do, as well as the things I like to do.  Eating, sleeping, working.  But I wanted to shift, change jobs or add a new one in.  I love fitness and activity.  Lifting weights, climbing.  I love having a goal.

Eating healthy and getting enough sleep with some form of exercise on a regular basis creates physical balance in my body.  In a world of the quick fix there is always some fad way of eating. I always come back to calories in versus calories out and moderation.  Again healthy eating and balanced physical activity.

Balance also means making time for my husband,  my  family and friends.  My support system.  They care for me and love me.  This relationship in itself requires the balance of giving and receiving as well as giving people the space they need.   Having time to give as well as time to set aside for those I love.  Emotional balance when you feel loved and supported brings fulfillment a sense of realization that you have all that you need.

Down time or quiet time allows me to rejuvenate and refocus.  It calms the CNS and resets us.  Quiet time can look may ways for each of us.  Spirituality comes in many sizes and shapes.  Yoga, meditation, a bath, a book, being with nature, paying attention and being present.  Finding time each day is key.  Reflecting on the things that are most important to me.  Connecting with myself, loving me and appreciating all I have to be grateful for.

This year presented many new learning opportunities for me.  I worked hard to make each one an adventure and added in bucket list items of travel, efficiency of business, and connection. How can I do the things I want to do now…

  New evolved ways of thinking.  Evolved ways of teaching.  Opportunities opened up for me to travel and to decide what I want to do for this new chapter of my book.  Deciding on what to do and now putting that decision into action!  Visualizing all of that in each and every day and reminding myself who I am and what is important to me.