How you practice is more important than what you practice.

Forcing your body into a shape without an Intention does not help you build awareness, non attachment, or invite you to feel.  

“We don t use the body to get into a pose, rather we use the pose to get into the body.”  Bernie Clark

Imagine beginning with the Intention of what to feel in the target area.

There is not one correct posture in Yin Yoga, you are unique and so being an active participant in your own well-being you will be guided to find an expression of the pose that allows you to feel moderate sensation in the target area.

Let go of doing and welcome being as you settle into the Yin posture.

Come out of the Yin pose slowly and pay Attention to what you experience physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally.  Contently settle into stillness.  Cultivate a sense of well-being that allows you to pay Attention to your Intention.

Invite movement as you experience all the physiological benefits that a mindfulness practice brings.

This is the practice of Yin Yoga.