Did you know that Fascia Fitness is a thing?  What is fascia?  Fascia shapes our tissues.  Fascia supports us.  Fascia cushions and wraps us and gives us structure.  Fascia is involved in movement, (transferring power and maintaining tension).  Fascia is part of our inner communication system and receives and forwards information below the skin.  There are many ways to train the fascia.  Bouncing is one way, using small elastic like movements while we stiffen our muscles.  Longer held static stretches, the kind we mindfully do in Yin Yoga is another way.

Both bouncing and Yin have many benefits for the fascia.  They hydrate the fascia.   Both release endorphins and build resilience in our tissues around the joints, we call this load.

Why not add some bounce to your movement class!

A big shout out to my movement educators:  Bernie Clark, Michelle Finch and Isidora Romantini  for teaching me that fascia is truly fascia-nating!