Self-care can look like many things. The term itself has become very trendy, with a lot of different thoughts on what this practice is and should be about. I want to bring it back to the basics, to the root of what self-care truly is and how you can use it as a means to
ground yourself, feeling balanced and vibrant in your day. To begin, self-care should first and foremost be about taking deep, nourishing care of your self’. In order to do that, it requires an understanding of what it is that you need most.
Self-care is commonly referred to as bubble baths, face masks, and extra space for rest and relaxation. While these are all great ways to nurture yourself, relaxing your mind and body, they may not be targeting what it is youre truly needing most that day. By
connecting  with yourself, either through quiet moments, meditation, journaling or feeling into your body (noticing what muscles feel tight, what emotions are strong that day, what youre drawn to etc.), you are learning to  practice deep listening, the kind of care that will provide the most benefit to you.
As you connect with yourself, and listen inwardly you create space for the practice of mindfulness (which I believe goes hand-in-hand with self-care!), you can ask yourself the following questions:
Do I need to rest my mind and body?
Do I need to move my body?
Do I need more quiet time and space to be alone?
Do I need conversation and connection with a friend?
Do I need to feel fresh air?
Do I need a hearty, delicious meal?
Do I just crave the feeling of being warm and held in a hot bath or my favorite robe, turning off all distractions?
The more often you check in with yourself, this is the practice, the easier it will become to decipher what you truly require in that moment. Sometimes its about allowing ourselves space to change the plan when we need something different than we first thought.
Furthering this, I have created a collection of self-care practices that fill up my own cup when its in need of replenishment. Depending on the day and how Im feeling, I choose the activity or way of being that suits my needs right then. When Im craving movement or a slowing of my thoughts, I choose strength training, lifting my weights, feeding my
joints and muscles with all that goodness. If Im needing rest or inner connection, I practice yin or restorative yoga, allowing myself to sink into the present moment, in a nurturing somatic experience.
When Im in need of nature or fresh air, I love walking my dog. If the urge for hearty food strikes, I have fun in my kitchen, cooking and baking, being intentional with the process, using food that is delicious and, of course, nutritious.
The things that bring you joy and restore your energy, your essence and the beautiful light radiating from you, are the things that are your personalized self-care tools.  By noticing what you love to do when you need rest, when you need movement and when you need to respark you energy, you will have created powerful practices that will always restore you.
If you have been craving movement, rest, inner connection or increased vitality- our personal training and movement offers are just the thing to deeply nourish your mind and body.

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There is no better time than the present for deep listening, taking good care of yourself and feeling your best.