Your age is not an acceptable excuse for your lack of mobility.  There I said it, and it really needed to be said!   It really isn’t. And the good news is: there are mobility practices, designed to help you age gracefully, keeping your mobility intact. The more time and space you dedicate to maintaining the health of your muscles, bones, joints and ligaments, the easier it will be to go about your day, moving and operating exactly as you want to.


Our bodies are all different. As we age, individual concerns can arise, specific to our body type and genetic makeup. What is easy for some to do may be quite difficult for others. While many people may get stuck here, seeing this as a reason to accept their lack of mobility, I see it as possibility! It’s exactly why I sought out a personal assessment from an FRC, Functional Range Conditioning profession to help identify my personal deficits or areas needing improvement in my body.  In a personalized session, assessment was done for specific needs of my body using ROM, range of motion, and strength exercises.  These techniques  target your body’s unique design, specifically all the joints in your body, the spine and the feet. No matter what your level of strength or mobility currently is, it can improve in a pain free way.  Learning where to begin, example: lumbar segmentation and how to do the work, will develop your mobility, strengthen your joints, and teach you body control as you move through life, and feel good in your body, no matter your age!


Like your finger print and your prescription eye wear you are unique, so is your skeletal makeup.  No one is the exactly the same, yet one  truth remains the same – we all begin to age.   With a regular movement practice, we learn how to increase our ROM in our end range, decrease risk of falling, and even improve balance. Intentional movement practices will keep you moving, motion is lotion!

When you add a healthy amount of stress, and rest, adaptation occurs to your muscles and bones in a personal training session, this kind of tension helps them remain sturdy and strong. When you allow yourself to sink into nourishing poses in one of our yin yoga classes, and practice breathing and releasing tension and embracing the benefits that can be found in the deep hold, you are maintaining the health of your ligaments and joints and improving your mind body connection. All of these practices work together to keep you strong, relaxed, agile and feeling your best – for years to come!


Age should never be your excuse for lack of mobility. It is my passion and my mission to help others reclaim movement, never letting age slow them down or put a damper on the fun!  Move your body!

In April, I will complete my FRC, Functional Range Conditioning certification, incorporating this specific training system into my teaching.  FRC the Movement Modality that improves joint strength, teaches body control and keeps you moving well as you age!


If you’re looking to improve your mobility, age gracefully and pain-free, send me a message. We’ll come up with a movement plan that’s right for you.


See you in class!