When you think of strength training, what comes to mind? The ideas around this form of exercise are shifting from what they used to be. Strength training is no longer associated with muscular athletes lifting hundreds of pounds and, instead, has evolved into a practice geared towards the everyday fitness enthusiast, like you. So why is it an important movement practice to incorporate into your daily routine? 

As we age, lean muscle mass begins to slowly deteriorate, leaving the body feeling weaker and less agile. Without much-needed muscle mass, we are unable to move like we once could or enjoy all the activities we love to do. As an avid climber, runner, yoga instructor and personal trainer, it was more important than ever for me to maintain this kind of strength in my body. I often found myself feeling sore, tired or stiff from my usual workouts until I made strength training a priority in my practices. Consistency with strength training is essential for developing increased strength and begins in the spine, joints and feet. Building and maintaining this strength in one-on-one training sessions with me has allowed my clients to prevent unnecessary injury as they go about their schedule, improve joint health, increase their energy levels and experience a better mood throughout the rest of their day. 

While this form of training builds strength in the muscles, bones and joints by placing a positive amount of stress on the body, it also improves brain to muscle connection which helps create a larger range of motion and clearer thinking patterns in the individual. Because every client is on their own journey, with their own physical makeup, their own bone density and muscle mass, I tailor every strength training session to meet their exact needs. We keep the exercises similar each session, in order to truly build this strength as changing it up too much does not provide the results we are aiming for. Once the strength is built, you can then express it differently with a different variety of movements. Coordination is key and a great way to make progress in this kind of training!

Whether you’re looking to build strength in your legs, arms, shoulders or core, I create a full body training approach so that you always have the energy and the capability to go after all the activity that calls to you – whatever that activity may be! Don’t let your muscles slow you down. Together we’ll bring them back to optimal health so your days can be lived to the fullest. 

Join me in a strength training session. Strong muscles and vibrant health are closer than they seem. 

– Kelly