As a Libra, my sign is the scale, which signifies balance. This is where the analogy ends. I do yoga to find balance. What does it mean to have balance? It means awareness. Knowing HOW to feel calm, clear-headed and motivated.

How do you find balance?

Re-evaluate what truly matters in your life and remove things or people that don’t. Remove anything that has a negative impact on your mental health, destructive people, people who drain your prana.┬áPrana our life and often considered to be our breath, literally translated means ‘breathing forth.’ (credit to Bernie Clark, The complete guide to Yin Yoga)

For the yogi and understanding of prana is important. The control of our energies, our prana, allows us to maintain or improve our health, to provide the energy needed to delve deeper into the mysteries of our existence and to calm the inner winds that blow our minds from one thought to another’ (so nicely written!)

Coming back to awareness, paying attention, listening and the realization that sometimes we are in contact with life draining people. Remove them, walk away, begin a new journey. If you feel something is pulling you in the wrong direction, or draining your prana, turn around and get your life aligned. It can be that easy.