As the current year comes to a close I have been reflecting back on my memories of 2018. I traveled, I made changes and learned many new things. There is a fear leaving the past year behind, an uncertainty, an ending of things I would love to last forever. But some things are out of our control.

A new journey awaits!

Experience removes the fear of things ending. Wisdom teaches that when one door closes it’s because another is meant to open. Going forth into the new year each new adventure will be a steppingstone, each taking me closer to where I am supposed to be, to the person I’m destined to become, to the person I’m destined to share my journey with.

The universe decides on timing, sometimes more abruptly than others and you have to get through it. Other endings are a choice and mark a crossroads when you must ask yourself without fear, Does this fit what I need? Will this bring me closer to my life vision?

Evaluate, Edit and Evolve. Yes, evolve! In whatever you do. We don’t always know what lies ahead and that is the exciting part. There is a world of possibility of potential new memories waiting in 2019.