Perhaps you can relate. You’re out participating in all the activities that you love to do, activities like yoga, climbing, jogs through the neighborhood–only to feel aches, pains and a little too stiff afterwards. As a movement educator, personal trainer and yoga instructor, this had become my reality after partaking in the kinds of movement I loved most. I was finding that my usual forms of exercise or moving through the basic big six, didn’t take mobility into account, and thus, were no longer working for me in the sense of feeling good afterwards and providing the results I was seeking.

 Enter Functional Range Conditioning (FRC)®, a system of training that teaches you to develop the skill of critical thinking as you learn to take control back in your body, becoming the pilot to your own plane. Created by Andreo Spina to hone in on a movement capacity system that could support trainers and notable athletes around the world, this method teaches you exactly how to expand, control and create your range of motion (ROM), helping you move well in whatever activity you’re doing. This makes it a great fit for yoga instructors and personal trainers like myself as I can adapt this system into my own teachings and offerings, guiding my clients towards feeling their best as they improve their own mobility.

In this practice, FRC defines mobility and joint control with a systematic approach. Mobility is the ability to control your ROM actively, without using your hands or a prop to support the movement. Through my recent certification, I’ve been able to apply this, promoting active controlled ROM in the joints, spine and feet, seeing the most effective results when this is maintained through daily practice. Different from mobility, flexibility, on the other hand, is the ability to passively achieve extended ROM. Because the nervous system cannot use flexibility to produce movement, one must train the body to use that range to create this movement.

In my own offerings and one-on-one training, I know that every client is unique, with their own exercise history, past experiences, fingerprint and skeletal makeup, so the FRC approach can be completely tailored to the individual I’m working with. Because of this, we can work towards the results the client is desiring, focusing on injury prevention, improved performance and a smooth progression into aging. The more ROM you create in our work together, the more you positively challenge your joints, spine and toes, enabling you to expand, create more control and ultimately even more ROM. It’s a beneficial practice that fully supports that brain body connection, leaving you feeling your most energized and agile. And when you can move easier, life flows better, I can tell you that.

If you’re ready to step into all of the above, join me for a one-on-one FRC class and we’ll work towards goals that promote full mind and body wellness.