Are you looking for a yoga studio Hamilton?  We offer yoga classes and personal training in Hamilton, Ontario combining Hamilton Fitness with Yoga in Hamilton .  Classes combine movement, mindfulness and strength in a new class schedule beginning September 2021.  We offer Meditation, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Personal training in Hamilton.  Please visit

Beginning in September of 2021 I will pivot from my career of 32 years and offer yoga classes and personal training sessions in Hamilton, Ontario.  To Pivot fundamentally means changing your direction or focus when you realize that currently needs are not being met.

Join our yoga classes, mindfulness and meditation, and personal training in Hamilton.  Visit our outdoor yoga studio, or covered porch or our indoor yoga studio for a yoga studio offering both yoga classes and personal training in Hamilton, Ontario.

Yoga classes in Hamilton hold a maximum of (8) indoor and (10) outdoor. (in person) Yoga classes are fully supported with props such as bolsters, blankets, blocks, and straps to enhance your mindfulness experience.  We incorporate mini weighted blankets into our Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga Classes.

Join us and book a Unique Yoga Class in Hamilton